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Buy One, Gift One: Every full-pay client provides one coaching scholarship

You found your way here because you want to change the world with your business and you’re a changemaker, a troublemaker, a disruptor, right?

How many of these also apply to you:

  • Your conscience leads you, so you refuse to keep your mouth shut even though it makes people uncomfortable

  • You’re angry and frustrated about the way “typical” – extractive and exploitative – business strategies haven’t worked for you, and you’re not interested in doing business that way, anyway

  • You want to run your organization in a way that is regenerative, to make the world a better place right now and in the future

  • You feel alone because you don’t have a supportive community of leaders who believe in social justice that you can turn to

  • You’re tired of getting advice from people who don’t understand you and don’t have any context for what YOU need  

  • You’re drained from all the demands on your time that don’t seem to support your needs (Need help right away? Check out my Boundaries Playlist of podcast episodes here.)

  • You want people to understand that you have a right to be angry about the current state of the world, without shaming you for it

Ethical Business Strategies

Boundaries Skills

No B.S.

Vision Building

Here’s how it works: you book a free Breakthrough Strategy Session with me. Then, if you’re ready to take back control of your vision in only 6 weeks of working together, your investment in Jumpstart Coaching will be just $600!

You need to make only two commitments for this Breakthrough Session: your time and your willingness to talk honestly!

If we both agree you’re a good candidate for the Jumpstart Coaching 6-week program, I’ll ask if you’d like to talk about enrolling so you can get back to changing the world.

But you will always be in control of the conversation and you can decline at any time. You won’t hurt my feelings (I’m not kidding – listen to my podcast episode called “You can’t hurt somebody else’s feelings”).

My business coach literally helps me “get out of my own way,” listens and advises, and helps me see the potential of all sorts of situations. Since 2019, Kay Coughlin of Facilitator On Fire has been by my side keeping me focused on my misison. She is the absolute best at alleviating the “I’m all alone out here” feeling that solopreneurs can get.

Carolyn Caldwell, Owner & Grant Consultant, Raising Funds Raising Awareness

A little over a year ago, I committed to running my own freelance writing/consulting/training business. Kay walked me through every step of the process, from creating a pipeline to having confidence in myself. I went from angst and desperation to now having enough clients to keep me engaged and fully employed! She is an exceptional business coach, life coach and friend.

Debbie Meyers, Owner & Consultant/Writer, EDIT!

I’m your guide, Kay Coughlin (she/her). I’m a business coach for leaders in the non-profit and social justice spaces. I’m also an anti-racism activist, currently co-host of the “Unraveling -Isms” podcast, an advocate for family caregivers, and a mother and wife. I hear the criticism and I feel the pressures of life every day. I’m a white, cis-het woman, which means I won’t be the right coach for everybody*. But I’m committed to making the world a more equitable place for every human.

I will help you approach your work without getting stuck in typical capitalist business models and traps, and without judgment, guilt or shame.

Bonus: every one of my full-pay clients sponsors one Coaching Scholarship for a social justice innovator!

It couldn’t be easier for you to get started.

During your Breakthrough Strategy Session, I’ll take you through a series of questions I’ve used with hundreds of people. These questions have been proven to help immediately.

I offer this service free of charge because I love asking these questions and it’s the first step to working together.

But don’t be fooled because this session is free – you’ll want to make sure you have a full 60 minutes set aside to focus on our conversation.

You can expect to get more clear about what you really want and need, and identify the next steps in your personal journey to set healthy boundaries and create business strategies that will really work for you and your vision for a more just, equitable world.

Book your Breakthrough Strategy Session with me right now

Have questions about the 6-week Jumpstart Coaching program or a free Breakthrough Strategy Session? Send me an email (Kay at

Please note that, in order to take good care of myself, I don’t work on Sundays. It’s one of the ways I model healthy boundaries for my clients and family.


  • Do you coach people of the Global Majority/BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+? Yes, I do coach people who don’t identify as white, cis-het, like me. I am always working to be more culturally aware and create more equity in my own business, as well as in the world. I encourage my clients to speak up if they think I am centering whiteness, and I love it when they call me out on it, because it makes me a better human. But the only way to find out if I’m the right coach for you will be to have a conversation with me, which you can schedule by sending me an email, here.
  • What if I’m not feeling very brave right now, but I want to change the world anyway? I get a lot of my courage from the supportive communities I’m involved in. If you just don’t have enough courage right now, that’s OK – we’ll get stronger and braver by working together.

Book your Breakthrough Strategy Session with me right now


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