What to Expect in a Facilitator on Fire Meeting

Most folks are all too familiar with the tedious, time-sapping, frustrating behaviors we have become accustomed to accepting in meetings – behaviors like:
  • getting hopelessly derailed from your agenda
  • running out of time because someone talks far too long, and
  • feeling powerless while one person dominates discussions

There is a near-zero risk of any of these kinds of unproductive behaviors occurring in a meeting led by Kay Coughlin, Facilitator on Fire.

A Facilitator on Fire meeting is carefully designed to allow creativity, ideas and thoughts to surface in safety, which minimizes the risks typically associated with speaking up in a group setting. The techniques used in a Facilitator on Fire meeting emphasize:

  • Careful consideration of every idea that is voiced;

  • Firm use of situation-appropriate ground rules – such as “Be Fully Present” and “No Judgment” – to keep your group moving forward together, able to fully engage, enjoy and participate in developing the thoughts that are expressed; and

  • Tight focus on shared purpose and action plans.

“I would not believe this could possibly be true unless I saw it with my own eyes. But it is true! It really works just like this!”

Mary C.


So, what actually happens at a Facilitator on Fire meeting?

  • Carefully-sequenced questions and planning techniques designed to move your group through the day with purpose in mind.
  • No judgment – verbal or non-verbal – of ideas or thoughts expressed.
  • Idea-generating and prioritizing are done separately, making best use of group dynamics and the way brains actually work; this allows participants to express their most relevant thoughts and make their best decisions quickly.
  • Storyboards! All thoughts are captured on index cards, so participants don’t need to take notes.
  • Prioritization of ideas based on thoughtful consideration of purpose, NOT politics or lobbying.
  • Participants create action plans so they can get to work right away!

The end result of the careful Facilitator on Fire methodology: participants maximize their precious time together to think, dream, plan – and then take action!