How do I get a plan back on track once it stalls?

This is one of the questions I hear most often from friends and colleagues. Especially this time of year, when a lot of teams are facing year-end deadlines and goals, the pressure is on to make progress and get stuff done. I have been there too, staring at a plan that just got stuck sometime over the past few weeks or months.

I know the pain of a derailed plan all too well. I’ve led countless team projects and observed the same patterns of mistakes occurring again and again in almost all of them. I’ve had a lot of “Aha” moments during my work with teams, and I have been able to unlock the keys to why these mistakes keep occurring – and how to fix them. I’m so excited to share my top solutions with you in this free special report!

Honestly, who has time or money to waste spinning your wheels on something that isn’t moving forward? Not me! And not the teams I work with, either.

Overcoming the constant pain and pressure of stalled plans has become a true personal passion of mine! So I’ve compiled the top 5 mistakes I’ve identified – along with techniques to help you tame this monster problem. You’ll find them in this report

I am sharing these with you, free, to help YOU get your plan and your team back on track. Acting on the “fixes” outlined in the report can help your team get some peace and make some progress, so you can:

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve outcomes
  • Increase productivity
  • Meet or exceed metrics and goals

Here are the top 5 mistakes – and the ways you can fix them – you’ll find detailed in our free report.

Mistake #1: You have “fuzzy” plans with unassigned tasks, confusing or missing task descriptions, and outdated or unrealistic timelines.

Mistake #2: Nobody has an up-to-the-minute report on the team’s progress.

Mistake #3: Not using the tools you already have to keep a team updated on progress.

Mistake #4: No support for the team’s task managers.

Mistake #5: Not holding team members accountable to the plan and to the team.

Do any of these look familiar to you? If so, I want you to know you are in good company. Teams talk to me about these very same problems in just about every conversation.

I know that teams don’t need theories, they need action. Why? It’s pretty simple: you can’t change anything if you don’t take action. This free report will provide you with specific steps to use right away to help rescue those lagging plans, and create powerful opportunities for your team to make the progress you are all counting on.

For the most part, I work with teams before they get to this point – so they don’t get stuck in the first place!

If you are interested in talking about how Facilitator on Fire can help you improve your productivity and avoid these 5 mistakes, contact me for a free consultation. Our workshops can give your team the power to make great decisions and action plans you will actually be able to implement, in order to become a more productive and happier team!

Help us Help YOU

“Is your team making one of these 5 mistakes?” is our free report that can help you help your team increase productivity, effectiveness and accountability.

Download it with our compliments! And don’t forget to leave a comment below to tell us which team behaviors hold up your plans.


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  1. Gary Monti

    Great post!

    • Kay Coughlin

      Thank you, Gary! I know how much you appreciate practical strategies.