“I feel like we waste so much time every day!”

Is that something you’ve heard yourself say lately? If so, you are not alone. It is one of the top worries I regularly hear from business owners and team leaders. If you can relate, here are a quick handful of my best tips to help you stop wasting this one resource you can’t ever create more of or get back.  
  • Do the back-to-your-desk blues of September make you feel like you are wandering around without direction? If you or your team are having trouble getting back into the rhythm of work – and if you need to get back on track with goals – this can help.  
  • If fuzzy thinking has got you spinning tires instead of making progress, take a look at this.
  • Feel like you are wasting time worrying over an upcoming family gathering? (Yes, this kind of worry creeps into the office, and it can and does sap a lot of energy away from business!) This is for you.
  • Can you invest one hour to gain priceless insights on growing your business or taking your team to the next level? You need a FREE Facilitator on Fire Breakthrough Strategy Session! Do you have too many priorities, too much to do on a daily basis, or are not sure what to focus on to reach your goals? Email me and write “I need a breakthrough!” in the subject line to claim your session. (It’s a $500 value, but as a reader of my blog, I want you to have it for FREE – so what are you waiting for? It will only cost you about an hour of your time!)

Where do you feel like your time is wasted? Leave a comment below.

We pledge to provide you with insight and solutions to help you build success – and reclaim lost time – for every one of your teams.


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