My flagship seminar: Fundraising 101 for Non-Fundraisers (a.k.a.: “Take the Fear out of Fundraising!”)

Have you ever heard a board volunteer or senior staff member say, “I really don’t want to help with fundraising!” If so, you are not alone. Internal stakeholders need to understand what it takes to raise money in today’s highly competitive non-profit environment. In my experience as a facilitator, I have found that fundraising is one topic that is not only widely misunderstood but also feared.

This 2 ½ hour seminar is an interactive, no-stress approach to help board members, communications staff, programming staff and other key stakeholders understand the basics of fundraising: terminology, what the development director actually needs from volunteers and staff, and the donor lifecycle from annual to major to planned giving.

Contact me today to inquire about how Fundraising 101 for Non-Fundraisers can help you overcome some of your biggest hurdles!