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That stress you’re feeling? It’s coming from the powerful primitive functions of your brain.

But you don’t have to get stuck there.

Jason Lewis, founder of consulting firm Responsive Fundraising, courageously put himself on the line, unscripted, to be coached through some of his own challenges. On his own podcast. He is an entrepreneur, leader and family man. Like so many of us, Jason has been reacting to the uncertainty that is becoming a hallmark of this pandemic. I’m grateful to him for helping me get the word out about the critical topic of mental health. Get help if and when you need it, friends. That’s what leaders do.

If you want to get a little taste of what coaching is like, that’s what you’ll hear in this episode. You can listen here.

As I mention in the episode, I’m temporarily offering my services as an executive and life coach to anybody who needs help on any topic (my specialty is improving relationships across generations). If you want to schedule your own free one-hour coaching call, click on the link in the yellow box below. Sessions are available at least through April 10, 2020, and I’ll continue to be available (one hour for anybody, for free) after that as much as I possibly can.

Take care of your mental health. I’m talking to YOU. We are in this together!

Need some clarity on (and relief from) what’s going on in your own primitive brain?

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