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Feeling overwhelmed by increased caregiving responsibilities? This is for parents with kids sheltering in place, as well as for those who care for older adults! 

I see you.

And wow, our life as caregivers has changed in recent weeks. And a lot of people who aren’t in our situation have big opinions about whether we are doing it right (or not). This is true whether you care for an older loved one or whether you are a parent suddenly faced with being at home with your kids around the clock.

You don’t have to be at the mercy of what anyone else thinks of you, and you don’t have to be crushed by judging yourself right now, either. I’ve got a series of short videos to help you take care of yourself and not lose yourself in the midst of this new brand of chaos. Links to videos are below; this page will be updated to add videos as they are released.

This isn’t about being a better parent or better caregiver. It’s about choosing to take care of YOUR needs, too. I’m talking to YOU. We are in this together!

Deflate Overwhelm Video 1 of 2

Deflate Overwhelm Video 2 of 2

How Not to be Overwhelmed by Feelings

When Family Emotions Run High

Intro Video

Video: Trust Yourself as Best Expert on YOUR Family

Need some clarity on (and relief from) what’s going on in your caregiver brain?

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