Do you want to ask better questions, be inspired about purpose, or better align with remote teams? These resources caught our eye lately at Facilitator on Fire. Sip now or bookmark for a meal later!

What we’ve found

Ask better questions. Questions are the lifeblood of our methods and of our business! Seriously, you can verify this with any of our clients: our questions are often simple but very deep, and are intended to help uncover your best answers. For most folks, it is a dramatic yet powerful shift in mindset to enter into a conversation with the intent to ask questions and listen. Here are two articles on asking better questions from Harvard Business Review; these are so good that they have both been featured on the cover of the print magazine.

The Surprising Power of Questions, Alison Wood Brooks and Leslie K. John, Harvard Business Review, May-June 2018.  

Better Brainstorming, Hal Gregerson, Harvard Business Review, March-April 2018.


Inspiration for purpose. If our article on why purpose is important resonated with you, this podcast episode will be an excellent follow-up. Donald Miller of Building a Storybrand interviews Carey Lohrenz in this episode, entitled Three Characteristics You Need to Be a Good Leader.  It will be personally inspiring no matter what your role is. Amazing fact: Lohrenz became one of the first female fighter pilots in the U.S. – at a time when it was still illegal for women to fly in combat. Her performance in flight school was so exceptional that, in order to assemble a cohort for comparison, her superiors had to look back across 5 years of trainees.


Remote teams. Does anybody not work with a remote team member these days, even if only occasionally? This brand-new book is an excellent and practical read to help you make the most of a remote workforce. Work Together Anywhere: A Handbook on Working Remotely—Successfully—for Individuals, Teams, and Managers*, Lisette Sutherland and Kirsten Janene-Nelson, pub. Collaboration Superpowers, 2018.


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