If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader. – Dolly Parton

Making Change Possible

Do you want to become a better leader, build stronger communications, or move your project forward? If so, these resources that caught our eye recently will be of interest to you, too.  


So simple – too simple?

Give a team instructions that will force them to rely on good judgment as the baseline for decisions. The resistance you meet will give you mounds of quality information on the underlying team culture. Why? Good judgment is, in fact, a very high bar to set, because it demands agreement on basic expectations and accountability. This article, “GM’s Dress Code is Only Two Words,” (Leah Fessler, Quartz at Work, April 3, 2018) is an excellent illustration of this point.

Make it easier to speak up

It is all too easy to hop up on a soapbox and declare team members should speak up when something seems wrong. But, as even small children can tell you, the reality of speaking up is incredibly difficult. This article, “Why It’s So Hard to Speak Up Against a Toxic Culture,” (Francesca Gino, HBR.org, May 21, 2018) digs into some of the reasons why this is so, including this: “One reason people don’t speak up is the significant risk of doing so. Challenging the status quo threatens people’s status and relationships with supervisors and coworkers.”

Mistakes everybody makes implementing plans

Even high-performing teams can spin their wheels when a plan gets stuck. In our work with teams over the years, we’ve noticed five specific mistakes that get in the way of implementing plans. Our report will help you identify if any of these common mistakes are holding your plan or your team back, and will give you steps to solve the underlying issues.

Help us Help YOU

Leading can be challenging. What effective ways have you uncovered to better lead your team? If you have questions, we can help! Leave a comment below or email Kay@FacilitatorOnFire.netWe pledge to provide you with insight and solutions to help your team be successful!

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  1. Gary Monti

    Great post! I’ve learned to ask more questions rather than “tell.” It brings to the surface where individuals on the team actually are which leads to better appraisal of the situation and decision-making.
    – Gary

    • Kay Coughlin

      Gary, I can verify that you are indeed a good listener! It is interesting to see how asking questions brings teams into better alignment.