Big age gap causing stress for your team?

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Transform your team

  • From confused to clear and purpose-filled
  • From making excuses about about the habits of Millennials, Gen X-ers, or Boomers (and Zs and Traditionalists if you have them) to focused on action
  • From lack of trust to a team that is supportive and brings a nothing-can-stop-us attitude to their work together
  • And, from “fine” to GREAT!

Teams with a big age gap can attract success.

Imagine the kind of talent of all ages you could attract (and retain!) if you and your team could master these three keys: be clear, stop making excuses for people, and model the behavior you want to see.

You can choose to become a leader who inspires action, gets incredible results, and is known for leading great teams from all five generations currently in your workplace. 


Great teams happen on purpose, not by accident.

When we are little, we are taught to share our toys, raise our hands in class, read, do math,  ride a bike and even play on a sports team. But we are never taught how to work effectively and happily on all the other types of teams we live with every day: in businesses, homes, schools and houses of worship. So it’s no wonder we struggle to communicate clearly and collaborate smoothly. It’s not surprising we complain about the Baby Boomers or the Gen-Xers or the Millennials (and sometimes the Zs and Traditionalists, too) on the team. And we go on believing we “aren’t allowed” to ask questions and that we must put up with painful, damaging behaviors in meetings.

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led by Kay Coughlin, CEO, Facilitator on Fire. 

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 Takeaways from past participants

“Freedom to disagree and have diverse reactions is important.”

“Being able to step back and remove judgment and emotion when listening is a gift.”

“Structure for accountability can be straightforward and simple.”


What is the total investment? Your investment in the Great Teams on Purpose Mastermind will provide you with a new set of skills and behaviors you can use right away to help your team become more supportive, happier and more productive! The program consists of an 8-week mastermind program led by Kay Coughlin, CEO, Facilitator on Fire, and includes a full-day kickoff and interactive workshop, a series of mastermind calls, a cohort of like-minded leaders and managers, and on-demand access to call recordings and program resources. Schedule a Strategy Session with Kay Coughlin to find out more, or register here! Note: the investment cost will be announced when the next offering date is determined.

Can I join if I only have a small team, or if our business is very small? Yes! If one of your ultimate goals is to lead a great team that supports your business and works smoothly together, that’s all that matters. The sooner you invest in yourself and becoming a better leader of teams, the better your chances will be of succeeding! All that is required of participants in this program is to show up and commit to practicing a few key skills that will help you build great teams, fast.

What is the time commitment? In-person participation in the workshop is mandatory (8:45 am – 5:30 pm). There will be four group mastermind calls in the weeks following the workshop. The program will last a total of 8 weeks.

I can’t attend the in-person workshop / I’d rather bring the Great Teams on Purpose Mastermind to my organization. The Great Teams on Purpose Mastermind is a fantastic way to help your teams and leadership get enhanced results immediately! Please email Kay Coughlin ( if you would like to discuss what it looks like to bring the Mastermind to your organization, or if you might be interested in our one-on-one leadership coaching program.

What happens if I can’t make it to a group call? All group calls will be recorded and made available for participants to access on-demand (barring any technical difficulties, of course). All worksheets and other materials will also be available for participants to access as needed.

I’m not sure I’m ready to spend money on this 8-week mastermind program. Can you afford NOT to invest in upgrading your leadership skills to build a team that is higher-performing, more supportive, goal-exceeding and happier?

Can you invoice me? What is your refund policy? If you would prefer to receive an invoice instead of paying through EventBrite, contact or 614.426.8062 to make arrangements. The fee for this Mastermind is refundable (less a $100 processing fee) if refunds are requested prior to date stated on registration page for each offering (refunds cannot be issued by EventBrite; requests for refunds should be directed to or 614.426.8062). Under most circumstances, registration fees will be transferable to another individual or may be used for another Facilitator On Fire program.

Can I schedule a conversation to help me decide if this mastermind is right for me? At Facilitator on Fire, we specialize in asking a series of questions that will help us learn about your specific needs. During the free Strategy Session, we will first ask you our signature questions, and then we will discuss the programs we offer that would best fit your unique needs.

More takeaways from past participants

“Incredible to benefit from your guidance and expertise.”

“Great ideas for internal teams and clients to help facilitate meaningful meetings.”

“Love the ‘cheat sheets’!”

Kay Coughlin, CEO and Chief Facilitator of Facilitator On Fire, is on a mission to help Millennials, Gen X-ers and Boomers (and Zs and Traditionalists, too!) work together on teams that are higher-performing and happier.

Kay’s Great Teams on Purpose Mastermind helps leaders and managers build amazing cross-generational teams. The skill she teaches in her public speaking, “How to be Heard in a Noisy Business World,” is part of the formula she created to help teams become abundantly successful, together.


Comments will be moderated. Facilitator on Fire and the Teams That Work Better blog is committed to creating safe experiences to learn together about teams. We are not afraid of hard questions, so please ask and comment about things that are difficult or might be touchy! Language intended to harm others will not be permitted in comments or at live events; moderation will be made and comments allowed at the sole discretion of Facilitator on Fire team members.


  1. Terri Lawson

    Good morning, you have been on my mind and I was looking around your website. Do you think the workshop April 9
    would be of something for me to take. I was not sure the price and okay if it is just me.

    • Kay Coughlin

      Hi Terri – first of all, it is totally fine for any individual to attend alone. You will get a cohort of participants to go through the mastermind alongside you! The investment is $750 and it covers the entire 8 weeks of the program. The in-person workshop day on April 9 is the only time you’ll be meeting face-to-face, then everything else will be virtual. Great questions, thank you!


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