Message OneEncouragement and What’s Possible

Message Two: When Positivity Feels Forced, Try Possibilities Instead

Message Three: Super Easy Tip to See Possibilities

Message Four: Need Permission to See Possibilities? You Have It

Message Five: Fear is Loud but It’s a Liar

Message Six: What to Unlearn So You Can See Possibilities

Message Seven: Judgment is the Number One Possiblity Blocker

Message Eight: Guilt. Rinse. Repeat. Stop the Cycle!

Message Nine: Jumping to Conclusions is Our Favorite Excercise

Message Ten: “Balance” is a Myth

Message 11: “Don’t Take the Help Unless You  Really Need It” is a Belief That’s Holding You Back

Message 12What to Feed With Your Energy

Message 13: Don’t Judge the Size of Your Dreams

Message 14: Everybody Thinks They Know What YOU Can and Can’t Do. They are Wrong.

Message 15: It’s OK to Feel All Your Feelings. Really.

Message 16: How to Feel Hopeful Again

Message 17: What If There’s More Than One Right Answer?

Message 18: Listen to Chapter One of “From One Caregiver to Another – Overcoming Your Emotional Grind”

Message 19: What if Our So-Called “Issues” are Really Just Our Starting Points?

Message 20: 15 Things to Say to Encourage Yourself

Message 21: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Right? Wrong!

Message 22: What if you’re not “behind?”

Message 23: Self-care is selfish. Why is that a bad thing?

Message 24:  Possibilities Mindset: Persistence, Patience, Peace

Message 25: You Can Write Your Own Story. I Already Believe in You.

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Kay Coughlin, CEO and Chief Facilitator of Facilitator on Fire, has a dream to create a world that is generously inclusive of all adult generations. The best place to connect with Kay is on Instagram. Or, listen to Kay on the "From One Caregiver to Another" weekly podcast.

"Caregiver Coaching" is for family caregivers who are ready to overcome the emotional grind of caregiving. 

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