The workshop that helps you look forward to leading people of all ages.

For leaders, intergenerational teams, and the human resources professionals who support them.

You can’t afford to pass on this workshop if you want to be a leader who

Improves communication with, and across, all generations on your team;

Leads with empathy while holding firm to goals and plans;

Cuts easily through drama and manipulative behavior;

Overcomes resistance to build buy-in; and

Creates a welcoming, attractive and high-performing culture for all ages on you team, and ultimately, for your entire organization.

“It was great having Kay on our campus to do a day-long seminar about Intergenerational Communications. We thought this training would be helpful for both internal and external constituents – and we were right! We are a two-year community college and we serve students of all ages. As a matter of fact, our average age is 27. Between serving students still in high school, right out of high school and adults of all ages, it is extremely important for our staff to be aware of communication differences between the generations. And our faculty, staff and administration is also comprised of individuals from across the generation spectrum – so it is important to be aware of the differences within our organization, as well.” – Amy Adams, Vice President, Planning and Advancement, Marion Technical College

your guide

Kay Coughlin, CEO and Chief Facilitator of Facilitator On Fire, has a vision to create a world that is generously inclusive of all five adult generations.

Kay’s keynote addresses and seminars help leaders and managers build amazing multi-generational teams in workplaces. “Caregiver Coaching” helps caregivers re-ignite the fire inside for their own dreams.

Facilitator on Fire is a subsidiary of Donor Relations Mindset LLC, which Kay founded in 2015. She lives with her husband and children in central Ohio. Kay can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

help make a difference

The “Buy 1, Give 1” business model and social enterprises are making the world a better place every day. We at Facilitator On Fire are committed to doing our part to serve non-profits who typcially can’t commit resources needed to hire premium consulting firms. Each for-profit client engagement helps us provide services to non-profit organizations – on a sliding scale they can afford.

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