Not a stock photo. This is an actual Facilitator on Fire client.

In the first two articles in this series, I introduced the idea that workplace dynamics are the cause of communication struggles and I gave you my simple 3-step process to set clear expectations so you can follow through, take massive action – and be successful! If you missed it, or if you’d like a refresher, here are the steps again:

Step 1: Notice the gaps in your information.

Step 2: Ask for three essential pieces of information: What is the goal or task?; Who is responsible?; and When is it due? 

Step 3: Share the information with your colleagues. 

If that seems too simple or unrealistic to you, I’d like to tell you about one of my clients, Chet, and his organization.

Chet’s (not his real name) team wanted to begin opening branch campuses of their large centralized organization. But they had identified a major problem: their decision-making process was being obstructed by their hierarchy. They had made it to Step 1 of the expectation-setting process: they noticed gaps in their information everywhere they turned. Yet they struggled to get past this step in order to create action.

Because they couldn’t be sure who was in charge or who had final authority, mid-level managers had developed a troubling habit of second-guessing their supervisors. Instead of asking a supervisor for clear answers, team members would seek additional input from more senior members of the staff. All of those second opinions would “prove” that the immediate supervisor had been wrong in the initial decision. Not surprisingly, the teams became paralyzed, unable to distinguish between mistakes and productive strategic actions.

As we worked together, I helped them uncover what was really going on. We talked through the problem, and they learned to stop blaming each other. We then created a set of specific, but simple, questions they had permission to ask – no matter their job title or rank – to help them create action and find the answers they needed.

A year after our work together, the teams and leaders in Chet’s organization are still communicating clearly and taking action. Their team members ask for information when it’s needed, they know who has authority to make decisions, and they respect the decision-making hierarchy. Chet told me that the work we did together has been especially helpful at the senior executive level – even their annual retreat was incredibly productive and helpful to the organization. Best of all, they are seeing real results from creating real accountability and action. They are well on their way to opening their third campus!

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“My teams have too many different communication styles for this to work.” I believe that you have a lot of communication styles, but I challenge the idea that it must prevent clear communication. If you want to take action, you must create clear standards for communicating – and you can’t afford not to.

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“This communication problem is just our culture.” Chet thought the culture in his 25-year-old organization would prevent clear communication, too. But look what they have accomplished in just one year!

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Kay Coughlin, CEO and Chief Facilitator of Facilitator On Fire, is on a mission to help Millennials, Gen X-ers and Boomers (and Zs and Traditionalists, too!) work together on teams that are higher-performing and happier.

Kay’s Great Teams on Purpose Mastermind helps leaders and managers build amazing multi-generational teams (register here) . The skill she teaches in her public speaking, “How to be Heard in a Noisy Business World,” is part of the formula she created to help teams become abundantly successful, together.


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