This is Sally.
Sally is worried about a new project.
This is Sally’s team.
Usually, they are pretty happy with their jobs, but not today.
Today, they already have too much going on. They know they don’t have the resources – time or energy – to figure out what to do about Sally’s new project.

They need Catalytic Action Planning led by Facilitator on Fire.


Here’s what Sally and her team can expect from the Catalytic Action Planning process.

  • Frustration-free, FAST, highly productive planning sessions

  • Clarity of ideas and details for the project and teams

  • Action-oriented plans – get to work immediately

  • Great for all stages of a project, from concept to punchlist

  • Effective group facilitation (see: What to expect from a Facilitator on Fire meeting)

  • Highly efficient use of the most limited resource of all: time

  • Documentation that makes it easy to implement plans

“After only 2 hours, we have a plan! All of our roving pieces are under control now, and not on my plate!”

Teresa Trost

Executive Director

Interested in discussing the Catalytic Action Planning process with Kay Coughlin, Facilitator on Fire? Contact Kay today at 216-533-4774 or

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