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The primitive brain and a podcast

That stress you're feeling? It's coming from the powerful primitive functions of your brain. But you don't have to get stuck there. Jason Lewis and Kay Coughlin recorded a special podcast episode to help you. read the full post
The primitive brain and a podcast

Need to quickly implement flexible working options?

One of the most common tensions between generations is handling flexible work schedules.  It’s not surprising, really. Our older generations have worked in largely traditional, non-flexible work settings for much of our careers. The very idea that we could request, recommend or (gasp!) actually use flexible scheduling options? Either these choices were non-existent, or we believed they were only for people who were having personal problems. read the full post
Need to quickly implement flexible working options?

J. Kay Coughlin, CEO & Chief Facilitator

After completing work with Facilitator on Fire, on our own we’ve been able to address and create solutions to strategy and organizational problems we had previously been unable to resolve.
Claude Davis

Whitehall Campus Pastor, newlife church

Our Facilitator on Fire Team Workshop was different from a typical corporate retreat. It was more fun, more laid back, eaiser to be honest.
Emily Robinson,

manager and volunteer board member, Olentangy Education Foundation