Do looming holiday traditions fill you with “ugh” instead of joy? Do certain family celebrations make you want to hide instead of join in?

This workshop will help you say yes to your own well-being and stop just going along with what everybody else wants.

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Is your holiday energy drained by guilt about things you think you should and shouldn’t do? Are you tired of acting like you enjoy celebrations just because you think you have to?

Setting boundaries can be the key to real joy, rest and peace – or whatever you want to feel – instead. 

The 4-week workshop is only $29 US if you register before midnight (EDT) on Friday, October 15, 2021. (Don’t wait though – the fee goes up to $49 on October 16.)

Looking for the "Stop the Overwhelm: Set Boundaries" messages?

What do you wish you could say no to?

Maybe it’s another exhausting Thanksgiving weekend spent (yet again) entertaining that uninvited relative. Or a religious holiday tradition that feels forced, fake and uncomfortable for you. Or a destination wedding you know you can’t afford to attend but you feel pressured to go anyway. Or even a Super Bowl Sunday that’s become all about not noticing how much Uncle Donny drinks.

Here’s the truth: you are allowed to choose what’s OK and not OK with you. That’s called deciding boundaries.

You can stop doing things that make you feel judged, ignored, forced and disrespected. Yes, YOU. Even if those things are family traditions. Especially if those things are family traditions!

You can give yourself permission to opt out of things you’ve always been told you “have to” participate in.

And yes, you can spend your time, money and energy in ways that will make your holidays and traditions meaningful and comfortable for YOU.


Kay Coughlin, CEO of Facilitator On Fire, is a business coach for the non-profit sector and social justice businesses. She is also well-known for being an advocate for family caregivers.

In every forum she can find, she shouts that it's OK for every human to earn a living, set and enforce boundaries around their bodies, thoughts, feelings and actions. You can join Kay's free, private online community to talk about boundaries here.

Kay also teaches about emotional labor, how to rest, and Human Giver Syndrome, and is the host of the "From One Caregiver to Another" podcast and author of "From One Caregiver to Another - Overcoming Your Emotional Grind."

Kay is well-known for her public speaking on boundaries and self-care. 

Facilitator on Fire is a subsidiary of Donor Relations Mindset LLC, which Kay founded in 2015. She lives with her husband and children in central Ohio, and is the primary caregiver for her own mother, who lives right next door. Kay can be found on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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