Ethical leaders and colleagues interrupt racist behavior.

We’ll show you how.

Who are we? Two highly experienced coaches, one BIPOC and one White. Together, we will help you build the skills to do the right thing.

Registration closes Friday, December 1, midnight CST

What you’ll get out of “Art of Interrupting Racism”

  • Identify racist behavior much more quickly
  • Ability to regulate your emotions when it does happen
  • Stop being afraid of what people will say when you point out racist behavior
  • Feel confident you’ll know what to do when you see racist behavior
  • Learn the exact words you’ll need to speak up, even when you are highly activated
  • Never have to worry that your moral compass is blurred
  • Become the change you want to see
  • Become the ancestor your descendants will be proud to look back on
  • Know better and DO better

There is only one YOU. Invest in yourself.

Only $600.

Mondays, December 4 & 11, 2023, 11-2 central

“What is an ally vs. accomplice or co-conspirator?”

It’s typical to be worried about interrupting racism when it happens. (Psst…Did you know that’s very different from calling someone a racist?)

Let’s tell the truth about this.

Q: What if the other person won’t like it when I “call them out” (and what does that even mean)?

A: They probably won’t like it. This is why you need to develop your skills to interrupt racism in the most effective way.

Q: I’m worried about getting “cancelled” if I confront racism head-on.

A. Interrupting racism doesn’t mean dismissing the other person’s experience. We’ll teach you to be able to bring them along with you. What’s more important? Living according to your values or tiptoeing around challenging situations?

Q. What if I already know how wrong it is to let racist behavior continue? I want to interrupt it, but I just don’t know how to start?

A. This is keeping you from reaching your highest potential. “Art of Interrupting Racism” is the workshop for you, so you can be free of this confusion.

Need email copy to send to your colleagues about why the “Art of Interrupting Racism” workshop is such a critical investment for your company?

Are you really free if you’re not able to speak up when you see racism happen?

Monday’s “Art of Interrupting Racism” workshop was probably the most effective and valuable adult learning experience I’ve had. I can’t think of a single seminar, conference or class I’ve taken since leaving college that can top it.

Amena dives straight in–there is no fluff and not a second of wasted time…Eye-opening insights that included the how and why we live in a culture constructed of inherently racist systems; what people think is helpful in the fight against racism that isn’t, and what some have tried that hasn’t moved the needle; and what I, as a white person, can and must do to help dismantle the racist systems we all live in and often don’t see.

Lawri Williamson


    • What do I need to do to prepare? This workshop is designed for you to show up, as is, with NO pre-work. But, be firm about scheduling and holding BOTH 3-hour time blocks in your calendar on Mondays December 4 & 11, 11-2 central time (12-3 eastern). Make sure you’re not driving during the workshop. Other than that, you’ve been preparing for this your whole life.

    • Can I bring real-life examples to the workshop? Absolutely! Start collecting examples of moments from your life when you wish you could speak up, or when you tried to speak up but it didn’t go well.

    • What resources do you recommend? Kay’s answer: “Read White Women by Saira Rao and Regina Jackson, or watch the ‘Deconstructing Karen’ documentary about their work. But PLEASE don’t get hung up on ‘preparing.’ The only thing we really need you to do is show up and be willing to be imperfect.”

    • How can I be sure this is for me? While we have no doubts this workshop is for you, you can schedule a call to talk with Kay so that you can be sure.

    • Who will be teaching this, Amena Chaudhry or Kay Coughlin? Amena will be teaching, because  “Art of Interrupting Racism” is Amena’s intellectual property. Kay is here to do marketing, assist as needed, and, on the slim chance that she’s needed as a facilitator, facilitate difficult discussions (especially for White people).

    • How can I register more than one person? If you have any questions about registering, including how to register for more than one seat, please contact Kay.

    I really liked how to step-by-step “interrupt” people’s thought processes and words by focusing on a 30-sec to 4-min timeframe. In the past, I was too triggered and would jump into the drama which didn’t help me, nor the person I was trying to get to see their errant comment. Now I know that I am attacking the system, not the person.

    Tristen Bonacci

    Your Anti-Racism Coach, Amena Chaudhry

    An innovative and nimble DEI practitioner, Amena Chaudhry’s portfolio and approach are grounded in her personal lived experiences. She has over 20 years of professional experience as a certified HR professional in Learning & Development, Restorative Justice, and DEI work in corporate, nonprofit, government, and higher education sectors.

    Amena is a 2nd-generation Punjabi, Muslim immigrant and bi-continental citizen. Her formative years were spent living between Toronto, Canada and Gujranwala, Pakistan. The experience of being raised at the intersections of multiple cultures, languages, religions, and worldviews has played a pivotal role in building her muscles for courageous & transformative discomfort. She adeptly moves through complex social dilemmas, holds multiple social truths to find the wisdom in difference and divergence.

    Growing up as a misfit in both worlds, Amena yearned to be seen, heard, and valued by the systems that were built without people like her in mind.

    Now, she works with leaders and organizations hungry for systemic change and who are ready to do the work required to divest from systems that create and sustain inequities.

    A no-nonsense, anti-racist DEI Strategist, Coach, and Organizational Consultant, Amena is laser-focused on activating leaders and organizations to transform their relationship to power and conflict to become better stewards of our planet and all its earthlings.

    Amena can be found on LinkedIn and at Zarafa Consulting.

    Presented by Kay Coughlin

    Kay Coughlin, CEO of Facilitator on Fire, is a business coach for the non-profit sector and social justice businesses. She’s well-known for her advocacy for family caregivers and for anti-gun activism.

    In every forum she can find, she shouts that it’s OK for every human to earn a living, set and enforce boundaries around their bodies, thoughts, feelings and actions. You can join Kay’s free, private online community to talk about boundaries here.

    Kay also teaches about emotional labor, how to rest, and Human Giver Syndrome, and is the host of the “From One Caregiver to Another” podcast and author of “From One Caregiver to Another – Overcoming Your Emotional Grind.”

    Kay is well-known for her public speaking on boundaries and self-care. 

    Facilitator on Fire is a subsidiary of Donor Relations Mindset LLC, which Kay founded in 2015. She lives with her husband and children in central Ohio, and is the primary caregiver for her own mother, who lives right next door. Kay can be found on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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