Making decisions when you lack time, information and resources can be overwhelming.

We help turn your biggest operations and staff communications roadblocks into speedbumps. Fast.

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“We needed time together and someone to help us focus our efforts.  You were able to do that.”

Pam Bachman

President, Olentangy Education Foundation

Make decisions. Make a plan. Get to work. Fast.


Time and typical meetings are the top 2 enemies of finding answers.


We provide the process so you can find and prioritize answers quickly – and take action.



“Getting a group of talented and independent professionals to align around top priorities and a well-coordinated action plan is one of the toughest challenges I’ve experienced. Kay Coughlin [Facilitator on Fire] did just that in a single meeting with tact, humor and professionalism. Superb.”

Dave Parker

Founder and Co-Principal, CauseImpact LLC

“Kay, that was one of the most effective meetings I have ever seen. I mean, I have been involved in some productive meetings, but nothing as effective as that!”

Jim Bishop

investment advisor and volunteer board member