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Kay Coughlin is CEO and Chief Facilitator of Facilitator on Fire. Kay founded the company on the belief that teams and their leaders deserve to take action to become higher-performing, more supportive and happier at work. She is well-known for transforming decision-making into an outstanding team experience, helping multi-generational teams work together successfully, and for public speaking on the power of listening. Sandwich Families is a Facilitator on Fire project designed to create community for individuals who are caring for older and younger generations simultaneously.

Your style demanded more participation (in a good way!) than what most of us have experienced via consultants/moderators, and your requiring extra effort from us helped produce better answers: clear and concise. We would not have arrived at those without you expecting more from us. Tim Hagen

Chair, Professional Development, Ohio Library Council

Getting a group of talented and independent professionals to align around top priorities and a well-coordinated action plan is one of the toughest challenges I’ve experienced. Kay Coughlin [Facilitator on Fire] did just that in a single meeting with tact, humor and professionalism. Superb. Dave Parker

Founder & Co-Principal, CauseImpact LLC

We needed time together and someone to help us focus our efforts. You were able to do that. Pam Bachman

President, Olentangy Education Foundation