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The truth about manipulative people at work

Picture this: Jerry shows up 5 minutes late to the weekly staff meeting – again. He isn’t dragging his feet, but he isn’t in any hurry, either. Like always, he says he was on a very important call that simply couldn’t wait. He has a steaming cup of coffee in his hand, which would only have been available to him if he took a 3-minute walk, in a direction opposite of the meeting room, to visit the coffee station. And, like always, your supervisor has waited to start the meeting until Jerry arrived. Jerry isn’t merely late – he has successfully manipulated everyone in the meeting – again.

Be a Leader, Not a Guard

I once worked for a manager who spent a lot of time “protecting” my colleagues and me instead of leading us. This manager worked for a leadership team who would not provide essential information, like budgets, in a timely manner. So our manager spent a lot of time meeting with us, saying a bunch of catchphrases, making empty promises, and guarding us from the leadership team. Our morale was low, our performance was weak, and we couldn’t figure out what to do with our days.

10 Things to Remember About Your Team Under Pressure

My supervisor came to me in a panic one day because a project waiting in the wings suddenly became top priority. I was instructed to drop everything, redirect everybody and all resources to this project, and be prepared to work ridiculous hours for the next couple of weeks. I said, “I can do that, but…