We help family caregivers who feel trapped by the definition of being a “good and responsible” caregiver.

Want to get more rest and get healthy? Start a business? Get that promotion? Have a better marriage? You can do it! Yes, even if you are a family caregiver. It’s possible – a free “Starting Points” call will show you how.

A free “Starting Points” call is for you if

You are tired of trying to fit yourself and your life into the traditional definition of being a “good” caregiver;

You are putting the rest of your life on hold;

You find yourself saying “no” to the things you want because of your family’s opinions;

You aren’t prioritizing your own health and rest;

There are no boundaries in your relationships; and

You just can’t get a break from the emotional grind

Why are we so passionate about helping family caregivers live their own most fulfilling life?  Well, it’s personal.  Our founder and CEO, Kay Coughlin, tells the story this way:

“Almost a decade ago, my family and I moved back to my hometown to live next door to my parents. At the time, my parents didn’t need any help with their personal tasks, but they were having trouble keeping up with their 5-acre property. So my husband and I decided it was time to transition our family into a living situation that would allow me to become my parents’ primary caregiver whenever the need would arise.

While we didn’t plan to live in the same house with my parents, construction on their house was delayed – and we had no choice but to live under the same roof for almost two months! Very quickly, I began to study how we were behaving toward one another. We all love and respect each other very much, but I’ll let you imagine what it would be like to suddenly be crammed into a 3-bedroom ranch house with your parents and all of their worldly possessions, and with your spouse and kids and all of their stuff, too! 

Over time, I learned that I didn’t have to give up any of my dreams. I made small changes in my thinking, behavior, and the way I was making decisions – and some big changes in the way I believed in myself – and I stopped listening to the people who were telling me I couldn’t have a fulfilling life any more. If I could do it, you can too!”

Now, we help clients reduce stress, build a new and loving relationship with the people they care for, and succeed in all areas of their lives, even beyond their duties as a caregiver.

Caregiver Coaching (the next step after your free “Starting Points” call) helps you

Live your own fulfilling life, on your own terms

Be fully yourself at work, at home, and as a caregiver (no more hiding your own needs and opinions)

Reduce your stress

Set expectations and boundaries as a caregiver

Ask for help without guilt when you need it

Prioritize sleep, eating right and exercising

Carve out time for yourself

Set goals to achieve what you desire in all areas of your life

your guide

Kay Coughlin, CEO and Chief Facilitator of Facilitator On Fire, has a vision to create a world that is generously inclusive of all adult generations.

Kay’s “Building Trust Across Generations” seminar helps leaders and managers build amazing multi-generational teams in workplaces. “Caregiver Coaching” helps family caregivers reclaim their own fulfilling life while being a caregiver.

Facilitator on Fire is a subsidiary of Donor Relations Mindset LLC, which Kay founded in 2015. She lives with her husband and children in central Ohio. Kay can be found on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Galena, OH 43021