We help family caregivers set boundaries and dare to live happy lives

Family caregivers and sandwich family caregivers get the message that we don’t have permission to set boundaries, ask for help, get more rest, and take care of ourselves. And it’s a big fat lie. Join the community to talk about it now.

Signs that you could need boundaries

You feel resentful, rushed, run down, irritated, grumpy, overwhelmed, overlooked, dismissed or taken for granted;

You are exhausted, or burnout is on your mind a lot;

You are always trying to fit your life into the traditional definition of being a “good” caregiver;

You are putting your own life on hold so you can take care of other people;

You find yourself unable to say yes to the things you want because of your family’s opinions;

You aren’t prioritizing your own health and rest;

There is a lot of discomfort in your relationships; or

You just can’t get a break from the emotional grind of being a caregiver

Getting support from Facilitator On Fire helps you

Live your own fulfilling life, on your own terms

Be fully yourself at work, at home, and as a caregiver (no more hiding your own needs and opinions)

Reduce your stress

Set expectations and boundaries as a caregiver

Ask for help without guilt when you need it

Prioritize sleep, eating right and exercising

Carve out time for yourself

Set goals to achieve what you desire in all areas of your life

your life coach

Kay Coughlin, CEO and Chief Facilitator of Facilitator On Fire, has a vision to create a world that is generously inclusive of all adult generations. Kay is the host of the weekly “From One Caregiver to Another” podcast and the author of “From One Caregiver to Another – Overcoming Your Emotional Grind.”

Kay’s “Building Trust Across Generations” seminar helps leaders and managers build amazing multi-generational teams in workplaces. “Caregiver Coaching” helps family caregivers reclaim their own fulfilling life while being a caregiver.

Facilitator on Fire is a subsidiary of Donor Relations Mindset LLC, which Kay founded in 2015. She lives with her husband and children in central Ohio. Kay can be found on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Galena, OH 43021